Join Us

Our team assesses the qualifications, technical expertise, capacity, capabilities, geographical reach, licensing and other factors of independents, companies, and others.  Those identified as best-in-class create a collective capability that is offered to our clients - to include users of Traveler Secure. 

Consider that when you join "Team Secure," there is only upside.  Increased exposure, business and networking opportunities, and the opportunity to help us provide security, mercy and justice to those that have so little of it. 

We offer more than a network of security professionals, we offer global solutions in a very dangerous world.

Your area of expertise may be cyber or information security, executive protection, investigations, logistics, security planning and coordination, or other. We need your expertise, in your language and in your neighborhood.

We require that you are legally licensed to perform work in your geographical area, which differs greatly from country to country, and prefer that you to be able to speak and write English - though we can work around that for the right professionals. We may pair you with others, a company, or refer you directly to a client, and we will definitely. Regardless of the work, you will be supported every step of the way. 

We seek alliances with commercial security providers and other organizations who can contribute to global security solutions. We seek expertise in maritime security, protection, investigations and other disciplines who are legally licensed to work in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Middle East, Africa, or all of the above.

Joining Team Secure offers you a number of benefits and no risk or cost to you. We will integrate your capabilities into our collaborative solutions for our clients; sometimes pairing you up with other companies, agencies or independents, and sometimes simply referring our clients directly to you with compensation to us coming from the client, not you.