Global Expertise

What makes Nations Secure different?  Everything. 

Start with our purpose of security, mercy and justice; we exist to create resources to protect those that have no protection.  We have the experience and the passion to see our mission succeed, and we bring that passion to your safety.

We're not trying to corner the security market or create a large security corporation that seeks to dominate market share.  Instead, we work with individuals, companies, and organizations to find the right provider for any situation.  We often we create customized solutions using different providers to identify solutions that most effectively meet client requirements.  Of course, we walk with the client every step of the way - you can't outsource safety and security.

We favor local solutions to every situation, often combining them with international cyber experts and strong relationships with regional authorities.  We support the rule of law, always, and are fiercely protetive of our client's risks and reputation.Speaking of reputation, we carefully screen all potential clients to protect ours - we only work for the good guys.

Finally, in March of 2017, we debuted Traveler Secure, what we believe to the world's best safety and security app system.  Traveler Secure creates revenue, relationships, access and so much more for both Nations Secure and our mission of Security, Mercy and Justice. 

Global Services

  • Cyber/Information Security
  • Training & Training Development
  • Crisis Response & Management
  • Threat Intellignce
  • Protection Services
  • Investigations
  • Kidnapping
  • Extortion
  • More.  Much more.