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We call ourselves "Team Secure," working together to promote security, mercy and justice on multiple fronts.  In addition to what you see below, our team includes Fortune 500 companies, U.S. and international agencies, non-profit organizations, and hundreds of individuals.  When you partner with us, you are not only making your organization stronger, you are providing hope for the exploited and victimized around the world.  Contact us for more information about joining Team Secure.

Freedom's Shield

Working domestically and internationally, their mission is to eradicate human trafficking through countering transnational criminal and terrorist organizations involved in trafficking persons, especially children, by identifying perpetrators, uncovering networks, recovering victims and safeguarding potential victims.

Traveler Secure

Traveler Secure is the premier tool to provide accountability and effective response to any safety or security event, combining a feature-rich dashboard tool with an app that turns any smartphone into an emergency device.  Free to schools, perfect for parents, capable of increasing the survivability of an organization from 10 - 10,000, anywhere around the world.

Sovereign Intelligence

Nations Secure works closely with many world-class cyber companies, but none more than Sovereign, who works with us in 75% of our international investigations.  They combine seasoned former investigators with cutting-edge Silicon Valley technology to elevate risk management to the next level.


The Foreign Service National Special Investigators Association is a professional organization of experts in the field of local security, anywhere around the world.  They promote each other, the rule of law, and development of international security best practices.


Some of our partners choose not to be identified, like many of our clients.  Being a partner with Nations Secure confirms that you are the best in what you do, provides you with an extensive network of clients and providers, and allows you to use Traveler Secure for your clients.  Contact us to for more information about joining Team Secure.